My new friend, Cato

By gregebersole

March 23, 2010

Category: Travel

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Today I walked to el centro (downtown Cali) to have the frames of my glasses tightened up. On the way back, I saw this malabarista (juggler) and had to take a few photos. In between his juggling for parked cars and cycles at the intersection, we talked. His name is Cato and he’s from Lima, Peru. He just got into Cali Sunday. He spends several months traveling around South America, working as he goes. Tomorrow, he plans to go to Bogota if he has enough money for the bus. He said today he wasn’t making much money. Yesterday was a good day for him. He said in 40 minutes, he earned 15,000 pesos. That’s about $7.50. I told him a few other spots where there is a lot of traffic and he thought he’d check them out. He has about 4 to 6 metal studs stuck in his face and large plugs in his ears. I try not to judge a book by it’s cover, so to speak. Some people may look a little different to me, but when I get past that, I usually find out there decent folks too. Cato is a nice guy. He gave his name right away and was quite friendly. I hope he gets enough pesos to get to Bogota tomorrow and has good luck there.


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