A pretty woman and a mural mess

By gregebersole

December 2, 2010

Category: Travel

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This is part of a mural near Calle 5 and my home. Sometimes, a mural is done and it stays okay for awhile. Then, eventually, people feel the need to add their own touch to it. So, you sometimes have many layers together with the whole thing turning into just ugly graffiti. This wall needs to be redone soon. Overall though, I like the murals and graffiti. It gives the place a real urban feel. I don’t like it when everything is too perfect and orderly. I enjoy the chaos that there is in Cali. The streets full of bicyclists, motorcyclists, people pulling carts, cars and trucks, and the occasional horse drawn wagon. And, of course, the pedestrians always running for their lives. I’m getting good at crossing four lanes of traffic and two MIO bus lanes. It’s a fun challenge and keeps me on my toes. I like walking downtown and seeing the crowded sidewalks and streets with lots of people trying to sell their wares. I like the salsa music you hear from different locations as you walk around.

This morning, it rained a lot. I made it to the gym just before it started pouring. I worked out a half hour extra, waiting for it to stop. When it did, I was able to walk home without getting wet.

My landlady is nice. We get along well. I understand her version of Spanish better now than at first. I don’t know why she’s harder to understand than others. The one thing that bugs me about her, though, is that she is always changing and rearranging things. Almost every other week, she gets a wild hair to change something. I think just for the sake of change. Usually, it’s furniture. Today, in the living room and dining room area, she moved tables and chairs to different locations. The thing that was strange though was that she moved the small refrigerator away from near the kitchen to a corner the farthest from it. Now, why would anyone want to keep food in it when they have to walk so far to the kitchen to use it? I don’t understand.

Tonight, I may go with some couchsurfing friends to an open air concert featuring Andean music. Then at 10 p.m., it’s salsa time at Tin Tin Deo with the group.


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