Daddy lion

By gregebersole

December 18, 2010

Category: Travel


I made my second trip to the zoo yesterday. I got some good photos. I always love to see the animals. I do feel sorry for them, though, being penned up and not free. But, I’m fascinated to watch them, often for long periods of time. There was a baby lion and I hoped to get a good photo of it with the mom or dad. It didn’t work. Most of the time the baby was on it’s own or just sleeping. This photo of the daddy lion, I like. He seems to be wanting to communicate to me. He’s probably thinking, if I could just tell him to let me out of here, I’d be more happy.

I feel my optimism is starting to fade. Maybe, it’s because I came here, almost exactly, one year ago. I’m thinking a lot, lately, about my life here. Probably, too much. A lot of things I was optimistic about, haven’t happened. I don’t have steady work or hardly any right now. Of and on, I have English classes, but then the people stop coming or don’t have money. Some of my good friends, I hardly see anymore. And that’s frustrating. I need to keep meeting new people. The possibility of work for the newspaper is fading. I don’t think there really is any work and that’s disappointing. I have 5 more months here before my visa expires the 5th of June. That gives me time to think about whether I want to come back to live here longer. I need to return to the states in June or July. I have the possibility of traveling some before I return. I will stay in the states at least through October. My son is getting married in October in Phoenix to his girlfriend. That will be exciting. Then, I would like to return, but I also toy with the idea of going somewhere else for the winter. I also think about working on a book, mostly of photography, but some personal narrative, regarding my time in Colombia. That might entail another 6 to 12 months here. I also feel I need to be back in Colorado for awhile to spend more time with my dad. His memory continues to slip a little more and I don’t know how much longer he’ll be with us. So, I seem to have a lot on my mind these days. A lot of things are unsettling. But, I hope to make the best of my remaining time here in Cali. I do love it here and I’m so glad I left the states to live abroad for a year, and more. The experience has been wonderful. I look forward to new adventures in my remaining time here.


2 Responses to “Daddy lion”

  1. 12/20


    After a year anywhere, the thrill is bound to degenerate into daily routine. I like the idea of doing a book on your Colombia experience. Certainly the daily shots you’ve been taking would make for excellent visual entertainment. But your particular narrative style also is very well written and would be an easy fit for a book. Why not spend some time seeking out a puiblisher either in Cali or Bogota?

  2. Good idea Hans.

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