The first day of the Feria de Cali

By gregebersole

December 26, 2010

Category: Travel

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Some of my Cali Couchsurfer friends are enthusiastically posing for a photo above the serious folks yesterday at the Salsódromo as the Feria de Cali parade started with dancers from some of the best salsa academies in Cali. I sat with the group for awhile, then worked my way inside to the fenced off one kilometer long street to photograph the dancers and crowd. I didn’t have a press card so I used an old press pass I had from the Haitian benefit in Cali, which was in plastic and had a string to go around my neck. I looked official with my “professional” camera and pass and was immediately given access. No one bothered to read what the pass said. I was free to walk anywhere I wanted. It was so cool. I was on my feet for 4 to 5 hours though. With no water, it was a long event. When my friend and I left afterwards, it took us 2 hours to get back to my neighborhood which was actually not too far away. Traffic was at a standstill for quite awhile. Then late in the evening, I went salsa dancing with two friends, Juan Carlos and Liceth. It was fun. I hope to post more photos eventually. I think this will be a busy week.


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