Heading back

By gregebersole

January 9, 2011

Category: Travel

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After taking photos, resting some and snacking, it started to rain. We soon headed up the trail and back. In this photo, Garrett, is near the top of the muddy “steps.” He and I hit a fast pace in the rain. It held steady for most of the 2 hour hike back. We were soon completely soaked and cold. We were the first two to reach the area where our buses should have been. They weren’t. There was a small building used as a refugio or rest place near the start and finish of the trail. We got out of the rain and a woman inside made us some hot agua con panela for 1,000 pesos (50 cents). It tasted good. When the rest of the group arrived, we huddled around trying to stay as warm as possible until our buses arrived. We shared the rest of our snacks with each other. When the buses arrived, we headed to the little town of Túquerres, changed to a larger bus and then had a cold, shivering 2 hour ride back to Pasto in our wet clothes. I think most of us were pretty miserable, to put it mildly. We got back pretty late in the evening. The first thing I did was to take a very hot shower, which felt awesome. Afterwards, I was still cold for a long time. At least I had dry clothes on. But the trip was definitely worth the pain and the wet, cold conditions.


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