The sun comes up over Cali

By gregebersole

January 30, 2011

Category: Travel

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I went to Parque San Antonio early this morning to get a photograph of Cali as the sun came up. Unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy. This shot was just before streetlights started going off automatically. The park was quiet and peaceful. Except, for about 10 guys wearing all black. They came and started climbing trees, running around, chasing each other and rolling in the grass down the hills. Pretty funny to watch actually. I think they were from Cali’s heavy metal crowd.

Last night, I was invited to a place that was featuring Brazilian music. I thought that would be nice. Some samba and gentle, relaxing bossa nova music. We were a little early, so we walked around the Granada area for awhile. It’s an upscale area with lots of fancy clothing shops and restaurants. After we returned to the place, people started filling up the two rooms upstairs. They were playing some reggae music. After several hours, we hadn’t heard much Brazilian music at all. Just lots of reggaeton, some tropical, a little salsa and some reggae. At one point, about 8 people played some old instruments and did several songs of African music. The place had become packed and crowded, and quite a few foreigners had come in. I really don’t like to hang out anywhere where there are a lot of foreigners or tourists. I prefer to be the only expat in the crowd. The reggaeton had become quite loud and I’d finally had enough and we decided to leave. Today, I’m thinking that the evening was kind of a waste. Sometimes, when expectations don’t turn out the way I think they would, I’m left feeling a little empty or annoyed. But, it was interesting to watch the people and enjoy some of the music that I liked. I’ll just chalk it up to another unique experience in Cali.


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