Sidewalk parking

By gregebersole

February 4, 2011

Category: Travel

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The owner of this taxi found some close parking to his home. He used the sidewalk. Sidewalks in Cali are used for a number of things. Besides pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, skateboarders and horses often use them. People sleep all over the sidewalks. People set up their food carts on them.

This morning I woke up in a melancholy mood. I’m not sure why. I was thinking about Rio, thinking how nice it would be to live there for awhile. I started thinking about how I miss the beach. Maybe after another year in Cali, it might be time for Rio. I like Cali, but sometimes I feel like I may not be able to live here indefinitely. Sometimes, I wake up and I think about how tired I am of being alone. I have some friends here, and some are close. Others seem to have drifted away. Things are always changing. I often wonder if I’ll find that special person here or not. And if so, will the cultural differences be irrelevant and a non issue or would they cause problems. When I leave in June and later return in October, I’ll give myself up to another year to see what happens. I want to see how I feel about living here after at least 2 years or more. If it doesn’t feel right then, I may move on. Maybe to Rio and it’s beaches. Who knows?

This evening, I spent some time with a food friend of mine. We had some great arepas filled with various meats and vegetables. We had a good conversation, touching on a lot of things, including why so many women in Cali get breast and butt enhancements (enlargements.) She and I sometimes speak in English, but tonight we spoke mainly in Spanish. I need the practice. I enjoy her company and appreciate her friendship. And now, it’s time to hit the sack and, perhaps, dream about Rio.


One Response to “Sidewalk parking”

  1. Great photo, Greg.
    And I totally empathize with your reflections.

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