Another view of the march

By gregebersole

February 14, 2011

Category: Travel

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Yesterday’s march against cruelty to animals heads north past my grocery store on the left in the right lane of Calle 5 next to the empty MIO bus lane. Today’s ADN newspaper had a great shot from the march on it’s front page. It was better than anything I shot. It focused on a nice dog with it’s tongue hanging out and posters and people behind. It was nicely framed and well done. The ADN is a free, small newspaper distributed throughout Cali. I like looking at it each day. The front page usually has a nice photo which is run fairly large for such a small broadsheet newspaper.

Today, we had a good Spanish class. We read a short bio on the life of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and then had to ask each other questions regarding what we had read. It’s nice having just 3 students. It gives us all more time to participate which helps us to learn things faster. After class, I had lunch with my friend, Liceth, and then helped her with her English homework, checking her answers to problems. She told me today that she just found out that she received a full scholarship for this term. I’m really happy for her. This was fantastic news for her and she was so excited.


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