Students cause a little commotion after school

By gregebersole

February 18, 2011

Category: Travel


After my class today, I had lunch at school with Joerg, a fellow classmate. I took my time going home. After getting off at my stop, I stopped at the market for a few things, and then to my ice cream spot for a scoop of coffee and one of cookies and cream. Then as I walked across my bridge over Calle 5, I noticed traffic stopped and swarms of students crossing across the lanes. I decided to watch awhile. Soon, they came to my corner and headed up the street near the hospital. It was the one I usually take home. Soon, I saw a group of cops with shields and their black protective clothing running and chasing after them. I happened to have my point and shoot in my pocket, so I followed them and took a few photos. I can only do so much with a point and shoot. I wished I would have had my large camera and a telephoto lens. It was fun anyway, trying to get a few photos without getting hit with rocks. The students were yelling at the cops and throwing rocks at them, which bounced off their shields or landed at their feet. I don’t know what brought on this activity. Maybe they were envious of all the protests in the Middle East. The cops had amazing restraint. They took the abuse. Only once, I saw them charge after a couple of young kids and haul them away. Not sure what they did that was worse then what the bigger kids were doing. One woman angrily told me that the cops were arresting the little kids instead of the big ones that were causing the problem. The whole thing brought back the journalist in me, trying to get as close to the action as I could. As a great photographer once said, “if your photos aren’t good enough, you’re not getting close enough.” Next time, it’s closer.


2 Responses to “Students cause a little commotion after school”

  1. There you go making my world bigger again. I like how you’re so casual about your ‘reporting’…you’re the guy on the street getting home late and look what you saw and here it is what you saw and now I see it too. Thank you!

  2. Kids will be kids, but I think throwing big rocks might be pushing it a little. I looked at the newspaper this morning. It said there were about 100 kids involved from a couple of schools. There was a small photo which was taken from behind of two kids being walked away by a cop. I have to say that mine were better. Ha! I even had the one kid being led away privately to be questioned alone. My shot showed the front of them, not the rear.

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