Jairo at night

By gregebersole

February 19, 2011

Category: Travel

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Last night, I went out for a walk about 6:30 p.m. The weather was great and good for walking. When I returned to my street corner at Calle 5, my street buddy, Jairo, saw me and motioned for my camera. I wasn’t sure, but I thought maybe he wanted me to take a photo of him. When I got close and started talking with him, I saw that he was wearing black slacks, a white shirt and a black jacket. He also had a white ribbon curled around like a flower, I guess, stuck in his coat. I told him he was looking pretty good. I asked if he was going dancing. He laughed. Sometimes, we visit for awhile. He does most of the talking. I don’t understand much more than a third of what he says. He’s hard to understand. I think sometimes he talks jibberish or rambles on and on. But, he likes to visit with me so I try my best to have conversations with him. This morning, I was walking somewhere and spotted him crossing the street, still in his clothes from last night. Sometimes, he wears the same set of clothes for several days.


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