A group photo in Las Brisas

By gregebersole

February 26, 2011

Category: Travel

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Last Sunday, after our project at the foundation in the barrio, Brisas de las Palmas, everyone had their hand painted and then they made a hand print on the banner. My print is the large red one at the top and to the right of the word, nuestro. Then everyone posed for a group photo. Tomorrow, I’m going up again to the barrio. I enjoy photographing the kids and getting to know them.

Today, I worked on my Spanish. I have a lot to read in our book. We’re reading a book called, Yo, Malinche, La Conquista de México. It’s slow going since I’m constantly looking up words I don’t know in the dictionary. But, the story is interesting and I’m learning a lot of new vocabulary. At the end of each chapter, there are some questions we have to answer. In class, we read the chapter out loud and make sure we all understand everything. Then, we go over the answers to the questions.

Cali sometimes seems like a small town to me. Today, I was out walking and ran into at least three people I knew. Each time, we stopped to talk for awhile. It’s nice.

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  1. 3/8


    My Mexican history is pretty rusty. I believe Malinche signed on the Cortes Conquest as interpreter. I’m not sure if Hernando had an affair with her, but he was very fortunate in having her along. Through Malinche he was able to play one tribe off another and soon gathered an enormous Indian army that descended on the capital, what today is Mexico City. Moctezuma felt compelled, largely by superstition and legend, that a white invader would ultimately cause the Aztec downfall, which Cortes astutely exploited. Malinche is regarded by Mexicans today as a traitor. Although Mexico produces monuments at the drop of a peso, one will find no memorials of either Malinche or Cortes in Mexico to this day. However, one of the three highest volcanoes in Mexico is named after her.


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