Behind my back

By gregebersole

March 2, 2011

Category: Travel

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While I was sitting on the steps of the library waiting for the rain to stop, I heard something behind me. I had been taking photos of people passing in the rain in front of me. I turned around and this is what I saw. I quickly got one shot off. A little kid was doing a handstand against the wall of the library. When he was done, he just walked off into the rain and across the street. I didn’t try a handstand later because I figured all my coins and keys and cellphone would fall out of my pockets. And I really didn’t want to show off anyway.

There seem to be more people looking for bread and coffee handouts at the panaderias lately. Or just asking for money. I’ve been hit up several times this week already. I’ve been giving change out more often too. Today, I was having my coffee and pan queso at Augusto’s panaderia. A fellow was in the doorway motioning that he wanted something to eat. I told Augusto to give him some bread, that I was buying. He said that was very noble of me. I’ve seen other patrons there do the same thing. People seem to help the down and out on a regular basis. I see Augusto often giving coffee or bread or both to street people. The other evening, I saw a man I recognized stop and go through the coins in his pocket to find enough to buy a small piece of bread. He used to be a carpenter at a little shop I passed almost every day. He worked on chairs and furniture. He seemed like a good worker. Then, about 3 weeks or so ago, I never saw him at the shop again. Once in awhile, I’d see him walking on the sidewalk. The other evening, he looked to me like he was going through some hard times. He didn’t look too good. I felt really sad. I’d never talked to him, but I felt like I knew him. I really wonder why he isn’t working at the shop anymore. Maybe, I’ll have a chance to help him out sometime. And, I’d really like to just talk to him and find out what he’s doing and why he’s not working there.


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