A bust

By gregebersole

March 3, 2011

Category: Travel

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On the University of Santiago campus, this bust appears out of some shrubbery. I don’t know who he is or why he’s important. I couldn’t find a plaque that told me anything. It’s kind of cool though, how he appears to be floating on the bushes.

In three months, my visa, or cedula, expires. I have to leave the country. I fly to the states June 9th, so I need to leave the country early and then come back in on a tourist visa until the day of my flight. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. I could just go into Ecuador and come back. Or, I could go to Venezuela for a few days. I’d like to go to Argentina, but I think I’ll wait until I have more time when I return to Colombia in the fall.


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