A game of chance

By gregebersole

March 6, 2011

Category: Travel

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I was at Parque de las Banderas this evening. It was crowded as usual, being a Sunday evening. I took a few photos, then saw a group crowded around a table. They were putting coins on different squares with numbers. The two large “dice” balls were rolled and when they stopped, the numbers showing on the top were called out. Whoever landed on the highest of the numbers won all the coins on the table. In this photo, the balls had just stopped rolling.

I think I had a pretty uneventful weekend, all in all. I did study and read quite a bit of my Spanish for the upcoming week. I did some walking. Today, it drizzled some, so I went to see a movie in the afternoon. I saw Black Swan. I was one of few men in the audience. I don’t think I really liked it. It definitely held my attention though. I didn’t get to do anything with any friends this weekend. A few have drifted away. And, I’m a little disappointed with a couple for various reasons. After awhile, you know who are the good and true friends, and which ones will stick around.


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