Dance aerobics for the young

By gregebersole

March 20, 2011

Category: Travel

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Tomorrow is a holiday, so the streets are pretty empty today. Lots of folks from Cali are at their finca for the weekend. My gym will be closed tomorrow. Yesterday and today, I spent a lot of time on my homework. I’m in pretty good shape for the week.

Yesterday afternoon, a Couchsurfing friend, Liliana, hosted a Portuguese meeting at a restaurant for anyone wanting to practice speaking the language. Their were about 10 of us. Two of the group, myself included, didn’t know hardly any Portuguese. Liliana had lived and worked in Brazil. She speaks the language very well. I spent 3 weeks in Brazil once and may go back again someday. I thought it would be interesting to see how much I could understand. Truth be told, not a whole lot. I could pick out words and ideas of what was being said, but I’d have a long ways to go towards understanding the language well. But, I do really love the sound of the language.

Today, I went to ciclovida and walked some. I saw this group of young kids practicing dance aerobics. To salsa music, of course. I lucked out and missed getting rained on. The skys were dark and cloudy most of the afternoon. A few showers, but not much rain so far.


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