High on Las Tres Cruces

By gregebersole

March 27, 2011

Category: Travel

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Today, I joined a group of Cali Couchsurfers to hike up the mountain, Las Tres Cruces. It would be my second time. This time on the trail. Last time, some students and I went up the road. We didn’t know where to locate the trail. At about 7:45 a.m. this morning, Alejandro and Natalia picked me up in Alejandro’s car in front of the Comfandi supermercado on Calle 5, close to my home. We parked near the trailhead and waited for a few others to arrive. At about 8:30, Natalia, Alejandro, Paulo and I became the fast group and took off. Natalia set a fast pace. The trail soon became steep and rocky. At times, the rocky areas were quite smooth and sandstone like. We didn’t stop much. I stopped a few times for photos. I think Natalia and Alejandro were first up with a time of 39 minutes. When I got up, they told me my time was 42 minutes. I had to say that I was 3 minutes slow because of the photos I took. Actually, they probably would still have beat me by a minute. Maybe two. Ha! At the top, we rested and bought freshly squeezed orange/carrot juice and homemade carrot, banana or pineapple bread. They also had jugo de aguacate (avocado juice.) It’s made with milk and honey. All of it was delicious. The juice cost 1,500 pesos or about 75 cents. Well worth it! A few other friends joined us at the top also. We all visited for awhile. After about 45 minutes at the summit, the four of us headed down. We carefully went down the slippery rock whitish colored dirt, and in several places, let it go, and just ran and hopped from rock to rock. We stopped at one spot for the spectacular “jumping in the air” photos. In this photo, Alejandro gets some good air. The last part of the trail, we ran quite a bit. We made it down in 30 minutes, including our time to stop and take photos. it was a blast and a great group of CS friends to go with.

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