My class at the museo

By gregebersole

April 1, 2011

Category: Travel

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Here’s another photo taken at the Museo de Caña Azúcar. Besides me, my Spanish class this term has included two other students and our teacher, Marlen (at right). Jorg is from Germany and Juliana is from Brazil. They are all great friends now. The four of us have become pretty close and often speak freely about our lives and our feelings or thoughts on pretty much anything. Our class this term is the last and most advanced of all that is offered at the University of Santiago. It is often hard. We have a lot of homework and reading to do. Many, many new words to learn. But, it is a great class. Marlen does an excellent job of pacing everything and explaining what we don’t understand. Sometimes, the first half hour to hour of the class, we end up just talking about current events, crime in Cali, the university politics or anything that’s on our mind. Including what we did over the weekend, etc. I think Marlen just lets it go, feeling that we’re learning just as much from the conversations as from the text material. These classes have been a large part of my life in Cali. I’ve gone to the university three days a week. I spend a lot of my free time studying and doing my homework. It’s been hard, but yet, enjoyable, being a university student again. When I return next fall, there will be a large hole to fill with something. I hope to be able to work some, preferably, in photography. But, I may need to teach some private English lessons. We’ll see. But, I know the four of us are going to miss each other and the time we’ve regularly spent together.


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