Headed to the states

By gregebersole

April 4, 2011

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, I had a really nice day. I hiked Las Tres Cruces with several friends. I made it up in 40 minutes this time. Less than the previous time. I still stopped several times for photos. Then in late afternoon, I met with about 30 of my Cali Couchsurfer’s friends. We got together at a member’s home and several in the group made a great meal for all of us. We played indoor and outdoor games and then talked on the outside terrace. We each went around the circle and talked about our CS experience, what we do (work or study), what the group means to us, etc. When they got to me, I think a few thought I might need a translator. But, I wasn’t going to have any of that. I said what I had to say in Spanish. I told them I enjoy the group and participating in activities. I think of them as my family here. I have so many friends in the group now. I think they were surprised at my Spanish. Most of them told me my Spanish is very good now. I’m glad, because I try to speak it all the time. When I got home about 9 p.m., I had an email waiting from my brother saying my dad had taken a turn for the worse. He had fallen and broken his hip recently, then went through the surgery fine. But, now, he’s developed pneumonia and other complications. He has trouble swallowing and his heart had stopped briefly and then started quickly. We decided I should leave as soon as possible so I could see him. My brother and sister found me a ticket right away and I am leaving tomorrow morning early, flying to Miami then to Denver. I will arrive at 8 p.m. I didn’t know if my dad would recognize me or be able to talk. He is in hospice now and receiving oxygen and pain medications. This afternoon, I called my sister and she said that he was awake. She held the phone to his ear so I could tell him I was on the way and would arrive tomorrow. He knows now. We don’t know how long he will live. It could be days or weeks. I plan to stay a week or two. I really don’t know how long. I’m taking my Spanish books and will be keeping up with my work and homework, emailing back and forth to my teacher. In 11 days, it will be the anniversary of the death of my mother, who died 5 years ago. It has been hard for my dad since she died. He is ready to go and be with her again. I will be missing Cali and my friends while I’m gone. I have been touched by their messages and support for me. They are good friends. And, my friends and relatives in the states have offered their thoughts and prayers also. I’m thankful for everyone’s messages and support. Thanks!


One Response to “Headed to the states”

  1. Cousin Greg!

    Ralph forwarded the news about Lester and your web site. I will be thinking of you in these days in prayer and hope for personal peace.

    I must add that your story really grips me! It inflicts me with the sin of envy. What a great thing you are doing. That’s what I want to do. I’m starting to loosen my grip on the working life and exploring what comes next. Couch Surfing! A whole new concept.

    Let’s connect when you get the time and inclination.

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