Working across a large net

By gregebersole

April 23, 2011

Category: Travel

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After leaving Hacienda el Paraíso, our group went to Maloca, which was nearby. They offer various types of “adventure or extreme” sports, rides or things to do. I don’t know how to explain it, really. There was a large netlike structure where you could work your way across sideways. This guy is almost to the end of it. He was pretty good at it and quick. There were some zip lines set up and a climbing and rappelling area. Nearby, there was a location where you could paraglide into a valley. We watched for awhile, decided not to spend the extra money and just ate lunch there. Our server had a lot of patience and good humor to put up with our large and crazy group. She did a good job though and was fun to work with, even though she was teased mercilessly.

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  1. Viva Spiderman!!!

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