Birthday celebrations for Dilia

By gregebersole

April 30, 2011

Category: Travel

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Friday and Saturday evenings, I went to two birthday celebrations for Dilia Ortiz. She turned 30 on Friday. I consider her a good friend. She is always one of the first people to comment on any of my posts. She is one of the first people to offer help if I have a question or need advice. She’s also one of my favorite dance partners now. She can follow almost anything. I like to dance en linea (LA style) with her. She’s probably one of the most loved women or people in the Cali Couchsurfer group. Last night, there was a surprise birthday party for her at Yamileth’s house. As with every time Caleños get together, there is a lot of music and dancing. In this photo, Yamileth, uses the remote as a microphone and sings and leads a group in a dance. Dilia is behind and to the right, with the necklace and white pants. Yamileth is a great dancer and we had a few fun and great dances, mostly LA style. The party went until about 3 a.m. As with partys in Cali, there is always loud music and the neighbors are fine with it. I think they are usually tipped off in advance, but they are used to loud music and the occasional partys in their neighborhoods.

Thursday night, the first birthday celebration was held at Tin Tin Deo, a popular salsa club. People brought flowers and gifts for Dilia. We had a large group and did a lot of talking and dancing. About midnight, there’s always one or two songs where everyone gets up to dance, without partners. We form 3 to 5 lines deep and usually Francy leads us in the dance movements. She does the choreography and everyone follows her and dances the same patterns. It’s a lot of fun. Our group basically takes over the dance floor for these familiar and fun songs. This group has become like a family to me here in Cali. I have so many friends from the group. They’re probably mostly 33 years old and younger, but that is irrelevant. It’s a fun and very active group. I’m lucky to be a part of this group.

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