Terapia Neural

By gregebersole

May 5, 2011

Category: Travel

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This is the mural on the wall of a new salsa club close to where I live. The two portraits are of Hector Lavoe and Celia Cruz, two salsa greats. The club is called El Rincón de Don Heberth. It’s probably no more than about 4 blocks from my home. I’ve only gone there once and didn’t even make it in the door. There were lots of people sitting outside at tables and congregating in the dead-end street. I had just walked up when I heard my name called. There was a group of friends of mine from the foundation where I took photos of the kids. I joined them and we talked all night. Inside, there was a small dance floor, but many were also dancing outside on the sidewalk and in the street.

Today, I visited a new doctor. A year ago, I had gone to a doctor for a physical. Since then, he has moved. My dentist recommended the doctors in his office. They practice terapia neural. I guess it means neural therapy. I met Edna, my doctor. She was very nice and wanted to know my past medical history. I did my best to tell it all in Spanish. It’s amazing what you can do when you have to. I also wanted her to check my right knee. I injured it playing soccer weeks ago. It still bothers me some. I must have torn a ligament. Edna and the doctors treat the body or try to treat the causes of any problems you have. They use injections. So, eventually, she injected me twice in my throat or mouth and several times in my knee where the pain was. I have another appointment set up for a week from now. She said I may get a sore throat from the injections and to gargle. My throat does bother me some now and I’m fixing hot water with lemon juice. I’m not really sure what to expect in the next several days. Maybe nothing. I’ll be anxious to see what she has to say in my next visit. So far, my knee feels okay. I may go to Tin Tin Deo tonight, so I’ll see how the dancing goes.


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