Another wedding

By gregebersole

May 7, 2011

Category: Travel

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I was out walking along Calle 5 late this afternoon, when I passed the Catholic church near el Parque de las Banderas. I looked in the open door and there was a wedding taking place. I decided to go in and watch for awhile. Since I have to photograph a wedding mass soon, I wanted to see how it looked. I took a few photos both inside and outside. This photo was taken soon after the newlyweds stepped outside.

When I was at Marlen’s place yesterday, it reminded me of my old house. The large bookshelf full of books, the computer with it’s table full of stuff, the artwork on the walls and in other locations, comfortable chairs and couches. My house was like that about two years ago. Now it has a renter living in it. What I have left of my belongings is stored in a storage unit. I now live in a pretty spartan room here in Cali. But there are a lot of books around and the area where I put my laptop is cluttered with papers, coffee cups and school books and notebooks. Some things never change, I guess.

I need to start packing things to store here while I’m in the states for 4 months. I plan to take only my backpack, a small suitcase and my camera bag to the states. I’ll be leaving Cali June 7th or 8th for Bogota, then flying out of Bogota on the 9th for Miami, and then New York City. Time is going fast.


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