A not so good photo 1

By gregebersole

May 9, 2011

Category: Travel

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This afternoon, I saw a man hauling some plants and flowers in his cart. I wanted to get a photo, so I hurried to an area ahead of him to take a photo. I quick made two photos as he went down the sidewalk, trying not to go too fast with the cart. I think this photo might be close to being okay, but not quite what I wanted. Altogether, I only took about 4 photos of him. The next post will show another photo, that came close, but not quite what I wanted.

Today was a good day. I had a good workout at the gym. I had a good Spanish class. We talked for about an hour before we actually opened our textbook. Sometimes, I think I learn more in those conversations, listening to others speak and then having to respond. Then I had lunch with a friend and hung out with her for awhile until her next class.


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