By gregebersole

May 13, 2011

Category: Travel


I can’t help it! I like to take photos of sleeping security guards. The problem is, with this one, it’s too easy. The poor guy is almost always sleeping. He has regular spots where he snoozes. I photographed him dozing once before. The other day, I was in Libertades, another barrio near my home, drinking a coffee and having a snack. The guard was at the next table and soon was comfortably out. So what could I do but pull out my camera and take a snap.

I was checking my account to see how much I spent last month. People occasionally ask me how much it costs me to live here. In April, I spent about $650. I’ve budgeted myself for about $1,000 a month. The $650 included my rent, including utilities and wifi, food, gym membership, bus transportation, occasional taxis if I’m out late at night at a distance, a birthday gift and flowers for a friend, the usual necessities like toilet paper, pens, soap and toothpaste, a new pair of gym shorts and buying minutes for my cellphone once in awhile. I also get my 50 cent 2 scoops of ice cream fairly often and I buy the newspaper every day. And I have the cover charges to pay when I go to the salsa club. Also, I go to the movies at least twice a month. And I’m probably forgetting some things. The fact is I can live pretty cheap here, and comfortably. For $1000 or more a month, I could live really well in a nice apartment. If I were to work here when I return in October, I may look for a fancier place to live. Places are available pretty often in my neighborhood, which I really like.


3 Responses to “Security”

  1. I just love your pictures and all the things you share with us… Congratulations!!!

  2. I’m in love with this picture!

  3. 5/31

    This is the kind of info that would make good reading in the DN. will you be doing a travelogue for the paper when you pass thru Longview? I’m sure Cathy would set it up for you.


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