Feliz Día Del Maestro!

By gregebersole

May 16, 2011

Category: Travel

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This photo I took yesterday when I was walking at the ciclovida on Calle 9. The road is shut down to traffic and the walkers, runners, cyclists and rollerbladers take over. For all you photographers, if you look at the photo carefully, you’ll notice that there is not one person looking at me. That’s what I like. I hate it when I have a photo I like, but someone is staring at me or has a silly or huge smile for my camera. I’d rather be a fly on the wall and get a photo where it seems that no one has seen me and my camera. But, group shots of friends are a different story. Sometimes, the sillier they are, the better the photo might be. Each situation has it’s own criteria.

Yesterday was Feliz Día Del Maestro or Happy Teacher’s Day. Today, in my Spanish class, I wished Marlen a Feliz Día De la Maestra. Maestra is for a woman teacher. As I’ve mentioned before, I think she is a great teacher. And she loves to teach. I, on the other hand, haven’t taught much. Before I came to Colombia, I taught English in Washington. I had about 7 to 9 students. I taught several nights a week for 3 hours each night. The students were in 4 different levels, some at a very basic beginning level and others were more advanced. I prepared well the night before each class and did a good job teaching, but I didn’t enjoy it much. I looked at the clock fairly often. I think if I had taught longer and had more experience, I may have grown to love it. I prefer teaching one or two students at a time in private lessons. I tried to teach photography once at a free school, an alternative school, but quit fairly soon. I felt like everyone was picking my brain all night. They were asking a lot of technical questions, that, to me, were not that important. I wanted to teach them how to make better photos, not the ingredients in the developer or what is in the film. Those things can be learned in books or on the internet. I also mentored some high school photography students. I would help them with their shooting and their photos, telling them what was good and what needed more work and why. I enjoyed that. Another time, I taught skiing at a winter camp. That was fun. I’ve also taught a lot of friends, who had never skied in their life, how to ski. I would take them up the mountain at the ski area and teach them the basic snow plow turn and how to stop. Then, I would turn them loose and let them ski. I would ski alongside them telling them what they were doing right or wrong. By the end of the day, they were skiing fairly well. Maybe, instead of teaching, I was working more as a coach. A skiing coach or a photography coach. But, I have a lot of admiration and appreciation for teachers. I have had a lot of great ones, and a few bad ones. One of my high school teachers became a great friend and I still visit him at his home in Boulder, Colorado, whenever I’m in town. For all you teachers out there, Happy Teacher’s Day! You have my complete admiration and respect!


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