Cifreo and his dogs

By gregebersole

May 17, 2011

Category: Travel

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One of my homeless friends, Cifreo, rests with his two dogs on in front of La Loma along Calle 5 this afternoon. He is down to two dogs now. At one time, he had 4. A couple of weeks ago, he had three. The third died recently.

Today, I went to the government office, DAS, to see about extending my visa. My student visa expires on the 5th of June. My flight to the states leaves from Bogota on the 9th. When I booked the flight, they didn’t have anything earlier. At DAS, the man said I couldn’t extend my visa. He said I could go to Ecuador and come back on a tourist visa for the extra days. I don’t understand. People have told me that I could get an extension. I think I’ll go back in an afternoon, and hopefully talk to a different person. Maybe, they will be more compassionate and give me a different answer. I may have to just pay a fine to DAS in Bogota before I leave the country. I can’t go anywhere on the 5th since I’m photographing a wedding. I’m trying to get this sorted out soon. I’m not really worried though. The worst that could happen is that I pay a fine. That might be cheaper than going to Ecuador and back by bus, anyway.

Today was a nice day. Great weather. I haven’t started my homework yet for Friday. That’s my task for tomorrow. I have quite a bit and it will take some time.


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