A boy and pigeons

By gregebersole

May 19, 2011

Category: Travel

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I couldn’t pass the plaza in el centro yesterday without taking a few pigeon photos. Here’s one with this boy. My little point and shoot doesn’t stop the action fast enough, but sometimes the blur is okay.

Last night, I met friends at Unicentro to see the movie, En Coma. If you brought a cap from a Crush or Quatro soft drink, the admission was only 4,750 mil pesos, or about $2.45. One of the friends, Beatrice, worked on the set. She took still photos of scenes and also did the beautiful poster used to promote the movie. It’s a Colombian movie set in Medellin some years ago. At the end, we watched the credits. It was fun to see Beatrice’s name on the big screen. My friends all liked the movie a lot and said it was very realistic. It’s a love story with lots of drama and ends tragically. The drug trade in Medellin is prominent. I didn’t understand a lot of it. I think if I saw it again I would understand more. But, I’m also hoping to see the video in the states with English subtitles.


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