Cali Couchsurfer meeting

By gregebersole

May 22, 2011

Category: Travel

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Last night, we had the occasional “monthly” Cali Couchsurfers meeting. We started to gather at 5 p.m. in the park in San Antonio. About 5:30 or so, we began by going around and having everyone introduce themselves and tell a little about themselves and how many years they’ve been a couchsurfing member. Then it started raining, so we all went to the home of Cynthia Castro and her husband. They were kind in hosting about 30 or more of us in their living room. For about an hour, we discussed business concerning issues of hosting people, a little about what couchsurfing means and rules for the posts on the website, etc. Then we spread the food we had brought to share on the table and everyone ate and visited. This group is like a family to me. I have so many friends in the group. I’ve been a member of the organization for about 3 years. In the states, I hosted travelers in my home several times. In this photo, Leonardo, Enrique and Orlando sit and listen during the meeting. Enrique is new to the CS group and is learning the rules and etiquette. Orlando has been a member quite awhile and knows the rules and etiquette very well. He has spoken and taken charge during several meetings I’ve attended. He is very compassionate, thoughtful and yes, passionate. I’ve heard him speak passionately for a long time during one get together. I only wish I could have understand everything he said. He’s a good friend too. And, of course, he’s a very good dancer!


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