More birthday

By gregebersole

May 24, 2011

Category: Travel


Yesterday, Dilia, at left, sent me a message asking if I wanted to meet for cholados at 6:30 p.m. I said yes. She got together a group of 8 to 10 people, mostly friends, and we celebrated at a juice stand along Calle 9. Cholados are great. In a cup, they put shaved ice, lots of different chunks of fruit and a sweet syrup. In this photo, Dilia and Francy are providing us with some spontaneous music, thanks to the instruments of Roberto, at right. In the photo, I think Roberto thinks I’m taking a portrait of him alone. He has a nice pose. Francy is a total crackup. She is so active, always smiling, making faces and just being her extremely friendly self. She makes me smile. She is a great dancer and teaches salsa. She and Dilia are two of my favorite women to dance with.
After hanging out at the cholado stand for awhile, visiting and drinking cholados, we walked to Parque del Perro. We went to a little restaurant where they had hamburgers, two for the price of 1. We sat there and talked some more and most of the group had hamburgers. About 10 p.m., we headed home in our various directions. I got home and found a lot more birthday wishes and messages from friends.

Earlier in the afternoon, another friend, Tati, wanted to get together to walk. We walked from the library to the park and talked for awhile. She brought me a big slice of cake. She was so sweet to take the time to come and meet and do something with me for my birthday. All in all, it was a great birthday. Some of my friends kept asking how old I was. I said I’m 47. I’ve been 47 every year now for some time.


2 Responses to “More birthday”

  1. Divina la foto, divino el texto, gracias por regalarnos tu tiempo para compartir con nosotros, te queremos mucho

  2. You’re really 77 aren’t you?

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