Los estudiantes y la finca

By gregebersole

May 27, 2011

Category: Travel

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Today, all the Spanish class students, our teacher, Marlen, Tatiana, the secretary and Italia, the director of the language department went to Marlen’s finca for the traditional end of the semester barbecue. I was the only one there from my class. Juliana had left for Brazil. I feel a little sad about the day since it will be the last time students get to go to the finca. Marlen is selling it. I think this was my fourth time there. It’s such a beautiful place and I will miss going there. And, I know, Marlen will miss it a lot too. We had a great meal of barbecued beef and sausage, salad, yellow potatoes, corn on the cob, fried platanos and a German apple crisp that Antje made. We visited a lot, danced a little and played some ping pong. In the photo from left to right are: Peter, Marlen, David, Craig, Antje, Sarah and Italia.

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