Nap time

By gregebersole

May 28, 2011

Category: Travel

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While out walking, I saw this vender taking a nap. He still had some pineapples, bananas and other fruit on his cart. I think naps are a good idea, especially late afternoon in my room when it’s nice and hot, the music is playing softly and the fan is providing a nice breeze. A half hour or an hour is great. I don’t always get one, but when I do I enjoy it. I see a lot of people around Cali napping on park benches, in businesses, on the bus or on the sidewalks.

Today, I went back to the little restaurant nearby for lunch and to watch the Barcelona-Manchester soccer match. It was fun. The man next to me was giving a loud running commentary on the game whether anyone wanted to hear it or not. People were okay with it and often discussed things with him or added their insights. Barcelona won 3-1. They are a great team and exciting to watch. I enjoy watching soccer when everyone is speaking Spanish and excited and passionate about the game.

I have only 10 more days in Cali before I head to the states for 4 months. I’m starting to feel a little sad about it.


One Response to “Nap time”

  1. Greg,

    I didn’t find a “comment” box in the photo title “Beatrice,” so am using this one. I would go back to the happy married couple someday and do a portrait of the two of them in black and white. They could either be casually dressed or more formal, but what is important that they will look “modern” fifty years from now. Ther was a Karsh-type portrait done of my father in 1940. It still looks technically and composition very class act. Try to get them to have that “classic” look. I know you don’t like traditional looking clothes, but sometimes people just look more elegant that way. That classical elegance of Cary Grant or Gary Cooper.
    Your married friends will be forever grateful to you.


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