Celebrating 21 years of an artistic life

By gregebersole

May 31, 2011

Category: Travel

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Last night, a friend, Yamilet, or La Negra, as she goes by, was having a celebration of 21 years of an artistic life. The place was Las Brisas and it’s located in Jamundi, a ways from Cali. I’ve never gone anywhere for salsa dancing on a Monday night. A lot of friends were going, so I decided I would too. I took the MIO bus to the last station where I met a few friends. We then got on a smaller bus which dropped us off in front of the club, about 20 to 30 minutes later. The place was packed. Our group had a large table in the back. Dancing started immediately. The dance floor was fairly large, but soon was so crowded it was hard to move. We started dancing next to our table, between the others, and soon that space was full. I danced a lot and had a lot of fun. Yamilet is a great dancer. She teaches dance to kids and has also performed regularly. I really enjoy dancing with her. It’s usually en linea, or LA style. There are a few other women that can dance LA style and I enjoy dancing with them also. And if the others can’t dance that style, I also enjoy dancing with them in my not so good Caleño style. I’ve stopped worried about whether I’m dancing correctly or whatever, I just try to enjoy it, and the connection with the woman. The Colombians, especially in Cali, really love to dance. And I mean- REALLY love to dance. For me, these times are great. I get to dance with a lot of partners and also socialize and get to know people better. When I was ready to leave, there were three others taking a taxi past my barrio, Miraflores, to their barrio, San Antonio. I got out a few blocks from my house. There were no buses past 11 p.m. So the four of us shared the cost of the taxi back to Cali. I’ve found out when friends go places, they usually take the bus. When they leave, if it’s late, they try to find rides or share taxis to the particular direction where they live. Sometimes, the taxi driver may make 3 or 4 stops, dropping people off near their homes. Any way possible to cut down the cost of transportation is important.


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