Marcial, vendor

By gregebersole

June 7, 2011

Category: Travel

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Last week, I was at Cosmocentro, one of the malls in Cali along Calle 5. I saw this man reading. I took a few photos of him. He’s a vendor and sells things out of his cart. When he is waiting for customers, he reads from the Bible. He said he reads a portion every day. He’s on a program to finish it in one year. His name is Marcial. He didn’t have email, so I promised him a print. Today, I delivered the photo. He was happy and probably had forgotten that I took his photo. I was glad I could make good on my promise though.

I have one more day in Cali. It seems a little strange. I have packed a lot of things to keep in storage at my house until I return in October. Thursday morning, I leave the house with my luggage at about 5:45 a.m. for the airport and my flight to Bogota. Then about 1 p.m., I leave Bogota for Miami, then to NYC, where I’ll spend 5 days visiting friends. I hate to leave Cali and my friends, but I know I’ll be back. There are some friends here that I will miss a lot.


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