My last night in Cali

By gregebersole

June 10, 2011

Category: Travel

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For my last night in Cali, before leaving for the states for 4 months, Dilia was meeting me at the ballet. Every evening, there are two performances from different countrys. Wednesday evening was a ballet performance from Italy. When I arrived at the Teatro Municipal, there was already a large line, since it was free. I called Dilia and she said Javier was there. I found him and we went to seats on the main floor. There, Diana and Beatrice were waiting. Later, left, came back and said we’re moving. We went up to the second floor, entered a door to a private little area. We had two adjoining areas just for our group. I guess they were theatre box suites or something. Eventually, our group included Beatrice’s mother, Eliana A., Natalia, Orlando, Javier, Diana, Dilia, a woman from Nigeria and me. The group had wanted to do something special for me. It was another despedida, a farewell. The ballet was good and entertaining. Afterwards, we all walked to San Antonio for ice cream, empandadas and champús. We sat and visited. Just as we were leaving, Sandryta came. She has school at the university until late. Later, when we all left, Orlando, Eliana, Sandryta and I walked along Calle 5 to the bus station near my street where they took the MIO to their stops and I walked home on my street. More hugs and goodbyes were said. It was a great evening and a fun time with my friends. And they wouldn’t even let me pay for anything. Muchas gracias por todos, mis buenos amigos!!!!


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