By gregebersole

June 28, 2011

Category: Travel

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An Amish boy cuts hay in a field using 4 large horses. I passed him this morning before leaving Middlebury, Indiana and starting the long trip back to Colorado. First, I stopped at an Amish bakery and bought a small strawberry rhubarb pie to take along. I started talking to the man and soon learned that he had known my grandfather and grandmother. They lived in Middlebury all their lives until they passed away while in their early 80’s. My grandpa raised and trained large working horses called Belgians. When I was a young boy I used to love to sit with him on his front porch and look at photos of his horses. Grandpa and grandma had five girls. One of them was my mother. They grew up on a farm near Middlebury. I have one aunt and uncle living still in the area. I also have many cousins and other relatives. I always loved coming to Indiana to see my relatives and watching the Amish go by their homes in their horse and buggies. I was born in Indiana, but left when I was 4 years old. I had asthma bad and my folks decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona, for my health. I haven’t had any problems with asthma since.

I left this morning and drove to Columbia, Missouri. I’m sleeping here tonight. I’m very tired. Columbia is not at all like my Colombia. The spelling and everything is completely different. I love my Colombia only. There is no comparison between the two. Tomorrow morning, I plan to start early and drive through Missouri and Kansas before reaching Colorado.


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