John Mishler

By gregebersole

July 1, 2011

Category: Travel

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While in Indiana, I visited John and Phyllis Mishler in Goshen. John and I roomed together for awhile in college. He and I both graduated from Goshen College with art majors. He later received his masters degree, focusing on sculpture. He is a busy sculptor now, working mainly from commissions. He also continues to teach one class in sculpture at the college. He recently finished a sculpture that was commissioned for a park in Goshen. While in college, we shared many of the same tastes in music, including The Band, the Beatles, Taj Mahal, Bob Dylan and Tracy Nelson, to name a few.

Today is my first day back in Colorado. This morning, Meredith left for Oregon to meet up with her husband, Ken, (my brother), and their two kids. I’m house sitting for them for a week. I just finished mowing the lawn. My chores are to water the plants, the yard, feed the dog, bring in the mail and newspapers and take the trash out. I plan to use a lot of the week to start writing photo caption information for my book. I hope to have the writing for the book done in the next month or two and get the book ready to publish as soon as possible. I’m getting excited about getting it done!


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