Aunt Ethel

By gregebersole

July 3, 2011

Category: Travel


On my way to Indiana, I went to see my Aunt Ethel in Hesston, Kansas. She was my dad’s only sibling. She was several years older than him. My dad hadn’t been able to travel to see her for a long time. I really wanted to go see her, both for my dad and for myself. She lives in an assisted living facility, but seems to be doing well. I think her mind is very sharp still. Her husband died when he was quite young, I think from a heart attack. They had four sons. One of them, Don, just happened to be there visiting her, along with his wife, Marilyn, and two grandkids. Aunt Ethel was so happy to see me and I’m so glad I took a little detour down for the visit.

Since Saturday, I have been house sitting for my brother and his family. They are in Oregon now. Their home is in Lafayette, Colorado. It’s a short drive from Boulder. Lafayette is where I graduated from high school. I only went there my senior year. Other years I attended high school in Phoenix and Denver. I’m enjoying the quiet time here, relaxing, reading and walking the family dog, Striker, every day. I also plan to use a few days this week to work on caption writing for photos in my book.


2 Responses to “Aunt Ethel”

  1. Greg,

    What a great portrait of Ethel! Thanks for it and the note you posted. The picture captures so much of her character. Thank you! –kjl

  2. What a beautiful portrait! Good job, Greg! Happy 4th of July.

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