Fireworks from the deck

By gregebersole

July 5, 2011

Category: Travel

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Last night, I sat on the deck at my brother’s home in Lafayette, Colorado. I watched and took some photos of the fireworks at the nearby Waneka Lake. I could see the high ones pretty well. And, I didn’t have to drive or deal with the crowds.

I’ve been watching some of the women’s soccer matches. I want to see some of France and Germany today. I’m also starting to work on my book. I hope to get a lot of the caption information written for the photos this week. With luck, I’ll have the book published this summer.

I left Cali a month ago already. I have 3 1/2 more months in the states. The time has gone fast, but I was traveling a lot. After the 16th of July, I will be staying in Portland and Longview for about 6 weeks. I feel a little strange since I don’t have a home. My home in Longview is being rented out. I would like to sell it if I could. So now I’m using the generosity of friends and relatives for places to stay. In September, I’ll be staying with my son, Dylan, in Phoenix, Arizona. I want to check areas there to see if I might want to buy a small house. Prices are real low now. I would like a place to keep my stuff, and maybe, to live there 2 or 3 months out of the year when I’m not in Colombia. I could possibly rent to someone who wants to spend the winters in Phoenix. It’s an idea, but things could always change a lot. I’m always open to change and my options are open.


One Response to “Fireworks from the deck”

  1. 7/6

    There was no space for comments in the “House Sitting” foto. Looks like the ideal backyard for socializing. I like the grill in the middle, or just to build a fire in, sit around and talk into the night. Very glad you had a chance to talk with your history teacher. I’m sure he is very glad what you have accomplished and that the juices don’t show any signs of drying up. But where was the shot of him/her?


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