Longview again

By gregebersole

July 17, 2011

Category: Travel

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I got back to Longview, Washington, from Moab on Friday. I had time to go to the bank and get a new bank card for the one that expires this month. I made an appointment for my car on Monday to check the brake pads since they’re making noise now. While in Longview, I’m staying at the condo of a friend, Hans. He has a nice big couch that works pretty well for sleeping. He has graciously fixed some great meals too. He likes to cook. He is thinking of creating a cookbook someday.

It feels strange to be back in Longview. I lived and worked here about 20 years. I was comfortable here and raised my son here, but I still don’t feel like it’s my kind of place. Whenever I can sell my house, I won’t need to come back unless it’s for a quick visit if I fly into Portland. I go to the Starbucks here and see the same people doing the same things. I feel like I haven’t skipped a beat. Things haven’t changed much. It’s still cloudy and raining off and on, too. After threes days of great, sunny weather in Moab, it feels pretty gloomy here.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Peters Restaurant and Lounge reunion. It was held on the property of someone in the hills outside of Longview. The restaurant shut down many years ago. Zulu Vision, one of the bands that used to play there, got back together to play. I know the band members. I photographed them for stories at The Daily News when I worked there. They started playing sometime after 1 p.m. and got through about 3 or 4 songs before it started raining hard. Everyone bailed for cover and waited it out. After an hour or more, it stopped and they started playing again. They sounded really good for not having practiced together beforehand. They play a lot of Grateful Dead music, but also Beatles, the Band, Rolling Stones and others. In the photo, they perform from the portable stage. Beth, who handles percussion, is out front, in the white shirt, dancing and shaking her tambourine. I saw several people I knew and got to catch up with their news. I kept thinking how this get together was so different than those in Cali, Colombia. I haven’t heard salsa music for about a month. Next weekend, I may have to go to dance and see all my salsa friends in Portland. I miss the music.


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