By gregebersole

July 20, 2011

Category: Travel

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For anyone who thinks my life is pretty organized, here is a photo of my storage unit in Longview. It’s small and I couldn’t get everything in the photo. I have just spent some time trying to dig through the boxes and chest of drawers and desk, trying to find a few things. Today, I started moving stuff into the hall and went clear to the back to the bottom heavy boxes. I finally found two things I needed. One was a photography book by a National Geographic photographer, Annie Griffith Belts. I had a class under her in grad school. I really liked the book and I wanted to look at it again. I also found a journal I was looking for from a couple of years back. I wanted to read what I’d written when I was laid off from my photography job at the newspaper. I need to start writing for my book next week. It is a little strange to have most of my possessions stored, but I’ve been living in Colombia for about a year and a half and I can’t have them there, and I really don’t even need them. However, I miss all my books, my music, my mountain bike, my skis, and photos. But by now, I’ve forgotten what all I had saved and stored.

I’ve spent a few days in Longview visiting friends, dealing with business stuff and walking the lake. Tomorrow night, there’s a free concert at the lake. That will be fun. Friday, I plan to go to Portland. I’ll be staying with friends through the end of August and starting to do the writing for my book. I’m hoping it goes smoothly and fairly fast.

In a day or two less than 3 months, I head back to Cali. I will definitely be ready. I miss it, and my friends, a lot. It still seems like the right place for me now. Almost every evening, I chat online with a Cali friend or two. It’s nice to stay connected.


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