Curtis Salgado

By gregebersole

July 23, 2011

Category: Travel

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Yesterday evening, I went with Pat, Leily and Pat’s niece, Carly, to Tualatin for their concert series concert. They are the friends I’m staying with in Portland. Tualatin has a lake at a park where they had an art show and lots of booths with food. We stopped for tamales and then went to listen to the music. Curtis Salgado and his band were playing. Curtis is a blues singer and plays the harmonica. He is a Portland fixture. He recently received a liver transplant and seems to be pretty healthy now. As you can see from the photo, he attracts the young women. Years ago, when I was working at The Daily News in Longview, the entertainment reporter, Tom Paulu, and I went to Portland to interview and photograph him for the newspaper. Salgado was going to give a concert locally so we wanted to do a story about him ahead of time. When we got to his place, he was still in bed. He came to the door in his pajamas and then went back to lie in his bed for the start of the interview. It was funny. I later got some photos of him playing his old piano in his laundry room. Several years after that, I saw him in concert and I went up to talk to him. I asked him if he remembered us interviewing him for The Daily News. He said definitely and that it was the best interview he ever did.


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