Emery Carl

By gregebersole

July 28, 2011

Category: Travel

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Emerl Carl gets a variety of looks from passersby Wednesday afternoon near the Pike Place Market in Seattle. He has been a street performer for about 10 years. He uses the hula hoop, sometimes plays the guitar and sings, and other times he balances a guitar like in the photo above. I drove up yesterday to have dinner with friends from Kansas. They were visiting their son, who has lived in Seattle awhile. In my free time, I did some walking around the market and waterfront. The drive up and back from Portland was long. I used to like to go to Seattle, but it’s been a few years now and the traffic drives me nuts. Also, it’s hard to find parking on the street. If you manage to find any free parking, it’s posted for 2 or 3 hours only.


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