The balloon man

By gregebersole

July 30, 2011

Category: Travel

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Farrel A. Thomas, at right, is a balloon twister. That’s what his card says that he gave me. He gets a lot of looks and stares and smiles, like from the guy next to him. He has been working at the Pike Place Market in Seattle for about 10 years. With new regulations, he can’t ask for money or sell anything. He can give you a balloon and you can give him something for it. He sits there most of the day, offering people balloons. His pocket was full of dollar bills. He talked my ears off. Once he got going, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

I’ve been going through my blogs, looking for some for my book and looking for those with the photos selected for my book in order to get the caption information. Since I have about 780 posts now, it’s taking a little time. I’m spending a lot of time lately, working on this and the writing. It’s going to be a time consuming project, but hopefully an interesting book for people to see. The problem is that I’m working inside and missing the beautiful sunny, hot weather we’re having in Portland. I think I need to remedy that tomorrow afternoon.


One Response to “The balloon man”

  1. Greg,
    “Mondo Croquet” is being played by The Cacophony Society tomorrow in Portland. They use sledge hammers and bowling balls. LOL!
    I will be there with one of my friends. If you have time to visit, my cell # is

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