A view from the Fremont bridge

By gregebersole

August 16, 2011

Category: Travel


While walking over the Fremont bridge last Sunday, I looked over the edge and saw this passenger train going by with the Portland skyline in the background.

Today, I started writing and typing in the photo captions into my book layout. I only got about 11 or 12 done of the 35. I started late in the morning due to my procrastination. I also keep finding things in the layout that needed to be changed or tweaked. My goal is to have everything pretty much done by the end of the week. I’m not sure if that is realistic or not. The gym and Starbucks every morning and my noontime 4 mile walk also eat into my work time. But, I like those breaks.


2 Responses to “A view from the Fremont bridge”

  1. What time was this Greg? I might have been on that train if it was the August 14th 12:15 train 🙂

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