My new friend

By gregebersole

August 23, 2011

Category: Travel


Last week, Pat, Carly and I went to the Tualatin summer concert series to listen to the band. They were playing Middle Eastern music and some other music from all parts of the world. Except, they didn’t play salsa. While enjoying my tamale, this lovely dog nearby decided he wanted to be my friend. He was a rather nice and friendly dog and we had fun getting to know each other.

Today, I faxed a document to a local service to have it translated into Spanish. I should be able to pick it up tomorrow afternoon and then get it notarized. Then, on Thursday, I need to drive to the secretary of state’s office at the state capitol to have the papers apostillated. I should have everything ready soon to send to the Colombian consulate for my new visa.


2 Responses to “My new friend”

  1. That is priceless, Greg! What a great shot of your new friend! f How did you manage to get such a perfect pose?

  2. I shot him with a tranquilizer dart first. No just kidding! It took a little time, he was moving so fast.

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