Arizona trip

By gregebersole

September 3, 2011

Category: Travel

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Here’s another photo from last Sunday at Salsa en la Calle. I like the young boy plugging his ears because he thinks it’s too loud. I don’t have any new photos yet, but soon.

Thursday morning, I left Longview at about 5 a.m. and headed to California and Arizona. I got through Portland before the rush hour traffic. I drove all the way to Coalinga, California. I think that was how it was spelled. It was in the desert and stunk. It was about 90 miles or so north of LA. I slept there. Friday morning, I headed on to Arizona. Traffic got bad closer to LA with 5 lanes of traffic on each side of the highway. It was also getting very hot. I stopped often for something cold to drink. It was a boring drive, but the scenery was better than Wyoming on I-80. I hardly saw any cops in California and cars were passing me doing about 90 to 100 miles an hour. I was trying to keep with the mainstream traffic doing about 80. I took I-10 straight east into Arizona. I got to Mesa, Arizona and my son’s place about 6 p.m. No problems on the trip. I drove about 1220 miles.

This morning, Dylan and I went to a farmer’s market to get fruit and kale. Then, Mary made juice with apples, pears, carrots and kale. I was good. They did a juice diet for several weeks and lost weight. Later, I went and walked for about 4 miles in the 95 degree heat. It wasn’t too bad.


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  1. 9/17

    El Antiguo,

    It was in Coalinga that James Dean died in his Porsche Speedster. There’s a memorial donated by Japanese fans there.


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