The dogs

By gregebersole

September 6, 2011

Category: Travel

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Today, I finished revising my book. I changed the fonts in the text of the introduction and the selected blog entries. It looks a lot better now. I tweaked a few photos to fit across the gutter better. I’ve been working on it every day in the living room of my son’s house. That’s the book and my computer on the table. The two dogs, Thia, the German shepherd, and Dixie, the border collie, want my attention constantly. They want to be petted and Dixie likes to play fetch or catch with almost everything.

Dylan and Mary are getting married in a little over a month, on October 9. Dylan is taking me to be fitted for my tux this evening.

Every morning so far, I’ve been walking to a Starbucks for coffee and to read the newspaper. It’s about a 4 mile round trip. Temperatures are usually from 87 to about 96 degrees. I don’t mind it at all. There’s no humidity. I rarely see anyone else out walking. Everything is so spread out here that people need to drive everywhere. I don’t think I’ve seen a bus yet either. There must be some here somewhere. The neighborhood here is very different from mine in Cali. It’s like night and day. It’s very quiet and in a gated community. I like Dylan’s house a lot. It’s very comfortable and has a lot of space.


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