Staying in Mesa

By gregebersole

September 10, 2011

Category: Travel


I’ve been enjoying my visit in Mesa with my son, Dylan and his fiance, Mary. They get married Oct. 9. I’ll be heading back to Portland soon afterwards. Next week, I’m going to Colorado for a few days to see my brother and sister and families again. In the photo, my little car is dwarfed by Dylan’s home. It’s nice and hot here in Arizona, but I like it. I’m recognizing sounds and smells in the desert and the neighborhoods when I walk. I remember them from when I lived here as a child. From the age of 4 to 15, I lived in Phoenix with my parents and brother and sister. Soon, I plan to drive by the home where I lived for 10 of those years.

I have a routine here already. I walk 4 miles every morning. I head to a Starbucks for coffee, a whole grains bagel and to read the newspaper. It’s an enjoyable 2 hours first thing in the morning. All this walking and eating less, and I’ve lost a pound or two. I’m the lightest that I’ve been in years.

I’m always thankful for the friends I have. Thursday, I saw some friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. Chris Keith, a fellow photographer and classmate of mine in grad school at Ohio University, and Bob and Millie Lynn and I had lunch together. Bob was the long time director of photography at the Virginian Pilot. I showed them my book and they promptly and eagerly ripped it apart. I was glad. They had a lot of good criticism and suggestions. Yesterday, I spent all day and night revising it. I continued this morning. I think I’m almost done. It definitely looks a lot different now. I have added some photos and changed the sequence a little in a couple of places. My friends gave me the permission to change it around and make it more my book. I had felt a little bound by what my original photo editor had done with the sequence. I’m happy with the changes and feel good about it now. However, I may have to send out for my third proof before I’m completely satisfied and feel that I’ve found all the errors still in the book. It has been a real tough and time consuming project for me this summer during my stay in the states. And now, I’m already thinking about the next one book.


3 Responses to “Staying in Mesa”

  1. Im glad you are having a good and calm life, best wishes for u and looking forward for ur book’s relased.

  2. Thanks, Liliana!

  3. 9/17

    El Antiguo,

    Glad I’m not the only one who ripped your book. don’t worry you’ll have achance at pay-back when it’s my turn.


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