Another soccer photo

By gregebersole

September 14, 2011

Category: Travel

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Here’s another soccer photo from Dylan’s game Monday evening.

Monday, I received my new Colombian visa in the mail. The office of the consulate was very fast. I was worried about a few details, but everything was okay. I have always had nothing but good experiences when dealing with the Colombian consulate in San Francisco. I’m now ready for another year in Cali. I’m ready and getting excited about going back. I bought a suitcase at Goodwill today for $5.99. I needed another one to take stuff back in. I’m taking a few clothes, lots of vitamins, a few books and cds and other stuff. I’ll have an extra suitcase in Cali that I can give away.

Tomorrow morning, I’m flying to Denver for a few days to see my brother and sister. There’s also a photo conference on the weekend I hope to attend. Sunday afternoon, two National Geographic photographers are giving presentations. They are Randy Olson and Melissa Farlow, husband and wife. They are both very good.

I’m now about 5 weeks away from leaving the states for another year. Time has gone fast. It’s been a good visit here.


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