Prickly pear cactus

By gregebersole

September 22, 2011

Category: Travel


I see a lot of Prickly pear cactus when I hike in the desert. If you get too close, the long spines can easily prick and enter your skin. They hurt and are not easily removed. The cactus often have fruit buds like the one in the photo. They have little spines on them too. You can burn them off, then peel off the skin to expose the fruit. Most people make jam from the fruit. When I was young, we often had prickly pear jam with our toast.

Today started off fairly routine. I walked my two miles to Starbucks for coffee, my bagel and the newspaper. But, within a half hour, I received a call from Colombia and eventually, a marriage proposal. Colombian women never surprise me much by now. I have been in the states now for four months and have never heard from this woman since I left Cali. At one time, I thought of her as a good friend. Last night, she emailed me and asked for my phone number. So I emailed it back to her. I thought maybe she felt bad and just wanted to talk and see how I’m doing. Then, I received my surprise call early this morning. I said I would need to think about her offer and would let her know within a week. Ha! I know the answer already and now I’m trying to figure out how to gently tell her. I think the entire time we have known each other, she was only thinking about herself.


2 Responses to “Prickly pear cactus”

  1. Jajajajja how does it feel to ask u marrige by e Mail? My God Greg this is funy

  2. Well, Natalia, the word funny didn’t come to mind. Strange, maybe. Unusual, maybe. It’s a long story.

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